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Vulcan Bugs/Upgrades

The following is a list of known issues in Vulcan. I will keep this list updated as more bugs are found or as issues are corrected.

File > Import > Whittle 4X > Block Models VUL-29545
     Allow spaces in .res and .par files during Whittle import. 
File > Underlays > Convert to Object VUL-30327
     Convert true type fonts to object.

Object Right-Click Context Menu
     Add 'convert to object' to context menu for text.

File > Export > DXF (hatch patterns) VUL-25951
     Inability of Vulcan to export hatch patterns to dxf file.

Chronos > Reserve Sheet > Import Dump File - Float Variable Accuracy
     Advanced Reserves reports out more decimals for grade variables than can be imported into Chronos.

File > Import > AutoCAD > Design Strings (dxf) - Beware Units
     Vulcan ignores CAD units, causing scaling problems.

Open Pit > Open Cut Design > Pit Topography - Object Name: VUL-10292
     Add an option to assign object name to the intersection polygon.

Open Pit > Haulage Profile > Model Route Calculation - Ore/Waste/Other Designation
     Don't require separate variables for Ore and Waste and Other.

White lines when clicking on the screen
     Classic incompatibility between OpenGL and Windows operating systems Vista and later.

Chronos > Reserve Sheet > Unschedule Blocks - Multiple Periods: VUL-8133
     Add ability to unschedule more than one period but less than the entire workbook.


  1. Hi, I have problem with rotating, when I try to rotate, all screen disappear. Any Ideas? Thanks

    1. I have this same problem, I've just started using a fresh install of 8.2 and whenever I try to rotate anything from screen it is removed, as if the rotation speed is too fast to see. Also, when setting the rotation centre it doesn't return any error but the centre axis indicators don't appear where I've clicked.

      Hope you had more luck than me, I've been strugging all day to fix it!

    2. Guys,
      This sounds a lot like you are having trouble setting the center of rotation. If the point you have selected is not located on the data you wish to view then what you are looking at can zoom off the screen at incredible speed.
      Try this:
      1) Select the menu option: Tools > Preferences
      2) Select Graphics > Input from the tree style list on the left
      3) Check the box marked 'Enter snap mode when choosing rotation centre'
      4) For 'Default rotate mode' select 'Z-up' (I think this mode is the easiest to use
      5) For 'Centre rotation mouse movements on' select 'Rotation centre'
      6) Click 'OK'
      Now when you select the rotation center Vulcan will automatically enter 'snap to objects' mode. You will not be allowed to click in blank space (you should hear a 'boink' sound if you try) but when you click on data the center will snap to the object and rotation should work as expected.
      Let me know if this helps.

  2. Im having a simliar problem with the rotation. Each time I try to rotate in 3D, it defaults to the first centre of rotation that I picked, and I am unable to set a new centre of rotation. Any ideas?

    1. I have posted a new entry about using the Maptek Vulcan rotate function. Please see this link:
      If you are still having troubles with the function please let me know, or maybe post a video of your procedure.

  3. FYI; I'm running the distibuted Vulcan 8.2 64-bit and the rotation is working fine for me over several different projects. I could not replicate any of the aforementioned problems. Likely to be setup or user error which in this case, probably contact Maptek help desk.

    1. I am also using Maptek Vulcan 8.2 without trouble, including the rotate function. For anyone who is still having trouble I have posted a short tutorial on using the rotate function. Please see:
      If you are still having troubles after following these instructions please let me know.

  4. Likewise, I'm running 8.2 on two W7 64bit PCs, a W7 64bit dual boot MacBook Pro and a w7 64bit virtual machine on an iMac - all without no rotation problems

    1. I haven't had any troubles with the rotate function in version 8.2. To help with removing user error as a possible solution I have posted the following tutorial: Maptek Vulcan Rotate
      If anyone is still having trouble with the rotate function after reading this post please let me know.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi, I´ve got a copy of vulcan 9.0 (64 bits). Everything seems to be working fine until I try to perform any calculation. Even the most simple, the program displays "Can not perform calculation". Any idea what is going on?


    1. Andres,
      I haven't heard that one before. You might want to upgrade to version 10 and give Maptek a call.

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