Numbered Views in Maptek Vulcan | Mining University

Numbered Views in Maptek Vulcan

Today we were working on designs in two different parts of the pit that were far apart from each other. I wasn't the one running the mouse and watching someone else zoom in and out to pan from one end of the mine to the other was making me queasy. This reminded me of a tool in Vulcan that I don't use as much as I should: Numbered Views.

The Numbered Views setting in Maptek Vulcan saves the zoomed extents shown in the Envisage window. You can set up to nine views which is more than I have ever been able to keep straight. To use the option zoom and pan the Envisage view until the first view is centered on the desired section of the displayed layers. Next press Shift + 1 to set the Numbered View. Now, when the number '1' is pressed the Envisage window will return to this view. Additional views can be saved using the numbers 1-9. Previous versions of Vulcan only saved these views for the current session of Vulcan. Now, however, the views are saved more permanently so you can go back to the same view every time Vulcan is used. 


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