Independence Day 2014 | Mining University

Independence Day 2014

Colorful Fireworks a.k.a Burning Metal from a Mine near You
Colorful Fireworks a.k.a Burning Metal from a Mine near You

Happy American Independence day everybody. This July 4th remember that while you are looking at your favorite fireworks display you are really looking at the results of a lot of mining work. The colorful explosions of each firework are really burning metal that some miner pulled out of the ground to make your holiday a little brighter.

For a little enlightenment on the subject, Wikipedia's Fireworks page lists the following colors and their accompanying colors:

  • Red - Strontium, Lithium
  • Orange - Calcium
  • Yellow - Sodium
  • Green - Barium
  • Blue - Copper
  • Azure - Cesium
  • Violet - Potassium, Rubidium
  • Gold - Iron
  • White - Titanium, Aluminum, Beryllium, Magnesium

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