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West Virginia Chemical Spill

I have to admit that I have been ignoring the story about the chemical spill in West Virginia. It happened toward the end of the week last week and I didn't want to interrupt my weekend. It happened on the other side of the country. It was being blamed, in a round about way, on the mining industry. All of these things combined to make me want to ignore the story.

Today I finally broke down and started looking into the story and was shocked at how the mining industry was being dragged through the mud by mainstream media for no reason whatsoever. One article from MSN News actually states that the chemical wasn't on any mine site. Based on how this was being treated by the Today show and other media outlets I was sure that the leak had happened at a mine site or at a site treating coal. In fact the company that leaked the chemical, Freedom Industries, was the supplier of the chemical. Nothing had even been on a mine site yet.

Another fun fact that came to my attention was that the chemical isn't deadly at all according to the article in MSN News. The chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol, is used to wash coal to reduce ash. The chemical's other use is as an air freshener (see Wikipedia). The article in MSN News states that, even in it's most concentrated form the chemical isn't deadly.

I'm so glad that the mainstream media could associate mining and all the jobs and prosperity it brings to West Virginia with a 'disaster' that didn't happen on a mine site and didn't kill anybody. Once again the mining industry plays the 'bad guy' for the rest of the world.

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