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Vulcan Bug Exporting Hatch Patterns: VUL-25951

I was trying to export a hatched polygon from Maptek Vulcan and import it into the Modular dispatch system the other day when I learned something disconcerting about Vulcan's ability to export hatch patterns to dxf. Namely, that it can't.

I was disappointed when Modular would only import the polygon and not the hatch pattern from my dxf file but I didn't think the problem was with Vulcan until I tried to import the shape into AutoCAD and got the same result. I can't believe that after 33 years of continuous development Maptek hasn't created a tool to export hatch patterns to the universal CAD file format.

When I asked Maptek about the problem they told me, of course hatch patterns work with the export tool. They had tested the ability of Vulcan to export and import hatch patterns by exporting a hatched polygon from Vulcan as a dxf and then importing that same file back into Vulcan. When I asked if they had tried importing the dxf into AutoCAD I was met with a really long delay before receiving their email stating that 'Currently the dxf/dwg export option is exporting the hatching information, but it does not appear to be read by AutoCAD.' 

I'm sorry, but I think we can all agree that AutoCAD is the defacto standard for dxf files. If the Vulcan export of a hatched polygon to dxf isn't importing correctly to AutoCAD the problem is with Vulcan. AutoCAD doesn't seem to have a problem exporting hatch patterns to a dxf file that can be read by Vulcan.

This bug has been logged as VUL-25951. Call Maptek and ask about their timeline to fix this shortcoming next time you can't export hatch patterns to dxf.

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