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Masked Cowards Attack Gogebic Taconite Drill Site

I just saw the video today and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Militant eco-terrorists march out of the woods and attack an exploration drill site in Wisconsin. This would seem to be as far away from the middle east as you could get but it’s very clear that masked men proudly march out of the woods and verbally attack a drilling crew. Sadly, the person who took the brunt of the attack was a middle aged woman. I hope it makes these masked men feel big to be fighting with a woman over a camera.

The company, Gogebic Taconite, later hired armed guards to protect their drill sites. I can’t say I’m surprised. This isn’t Gotham city. People wearing masks aren’t the heroes. The only groups in the real world who wear masks to make demands are the KKK and Al-Qaeda… and now eco-terrorists in Wisconsin.

I would have said that America is one of the few places where we can have an open discussion about mining and what to do with the land. This is a place where people understand that we need mining (good luck filming your attack on unarmed laborers without the plastic and metals in your camera) and we want to do it in a responsible and respectful manner. I would have said this before seeing how residents of Wisconsin treat free enterprise.

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