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Convert Text to Object in Maptek Vulcan

It’s interesting how you think you know something inside and out and then along comes a simple tool that you had no idea existed. I have been using Vulcan software for seven years and would rank myself as a highly skilled user which is why I was surprised to learn about a Vulcan menu option that does exactly what I have wished Vulcan would do for years: converting text to an object.

Vulcan text can be converted to an object using the menu option: File > Underlays > Convert to Object

Vulcan text is often a very complex portion of the software. It comes in three distinct varieties: Screen, 2D and 3D (not sure why a 3D software package needs anything other than 3D text, but there you go). Some of the varieties can be used is section view, others cannot. Some can have true type fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc…) applied to them, others cannot.

One of the more annoying things about Vulcan text is that it is not a standard CAD object. I can’t tell you how many times I have received the error message: “Vulcan can’t complete whatever editing option you wanted because some of the things you selected aren't real objects.” I’m pretty sure that error message is almost verbatim, almost.

For a long time I was frustrated by Maptek’s inability to treat text as a regular CAD object. It was also frustrating that the right click context menu didn't have an option to convert to object like the triangulation menu had. Finally, I emailed Maptek support and they set me straight. Thanks, guys for all the help.

Although, to give me credit, who thinks to look under the ‘Underlays’ area in the ‘File’ menu to find out how to edit text?

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