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Minnesota Lawmakers Oppose Mining of SAND

I couldn't believe it when I heard it. Residents of southeastern Minnesota are opposed to mining SAND in their area (see the Duluth News Tribune). Never mind that mining sand creates jobs and pays taxes for the local governments. Forget that it doesn't include drilling and blasting competent rock and that it has been going on for years in the area. State lawmakers want to put their hand in the mix and regulate current and proposed mines in Minnesota.

Mining of silica sand has been taking place in southeastern Minnesota for decades. The high quality sand is used for making glass and other industrial products. Now the demand for sand to be used in fracking for the oil and gas industry has caused state lawmakers to step in and protect people from evils and prosperity of industry and new mines.

I can't believe that anyone would be okay with having their name associated with opposition to mining SAND. This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

The Duluth News Tribune listed the following (here's your sign) complaints about SAND mining (comments are mine):
  • A need for large quantities of water to wash the sand, with fears it could drain the aquifer (hello, have you seen how much it rains in Minnesota? Unless you're going to wash the Grand Canyon you're not going to run out of water.)
  • The possibility of polluting the aquifer and streams (Mining has been going on for decades here without polluting the environment. It would seem that there are sufficient protocols in place to protect the aquifer)
  • Lack of information local government officials have (I have no doubt that this one is true. Mining has gone on for decades in Minnesota but I totally believe that local government officials haven't learned anything about a major industry in their jurisdiction during that time period)
  • Large numbers of trucks hauling sand from mines to processing plants and then to railroads (this is called industry. This is why you have a job and the solution to all the complaining you do about not having enough jobs and the downtrodden economy)
It's not enough that the local newspaper compiled this list of uninformed complaints but one local lawmaker touted the final, desperate ploy of the angry environmentalist. Senator Matt Schmit, DFL-Red Wing, suggested that there should be a moratorium on mining while local governments figured out how to act. Congratulations senator, not only have you learned nothing during all the years that your state has mined sand within your borders, but you want to keep the economy depressed while you study how to mine SAND.

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  1. Mining for sand would be a great opportunity to create jobs - not to mention the economic boost from selling these materials to construction and infrastructure projects nearby! Hopefully this mine will be approved and the plants will be up and running soon.