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How to Remove the Maptek Vulcan Watermark

Preferences Panel - Remove Watermark from Plots
Preferences Panel - Remove Watermark from Plots

The Problem

If you're new to Maptek Vulcan or just haven't plotted anything in a while, you may be shocked to see the Maptek watermark obscuring some essential parts of your plot. 


The Maptek watermark came into existence when owner Bob Johnson got tired of not getting credit for data printed by users of his software. The initial implementation of the watermark didn't go too well. Paying customers weren't exactly thrilled when their expensive modeling software suddenly had a watermark that they couldn't get rid of. To make matters worse, the watermark isn't really a watermark, it's a logo printed over the top of whatever is in it's way.

Eventually, paying customers managed to talk Bob into allowing them to avoid using his watermark and this capability has been extended to most users (I don't think educational licenses have the ability to opt out of the watermark).

The Solution

To remove the Maptek Vulcan watermark from your work follow these steps:

Go to the menu: Tools > Preferences
Select the branch: Plotting Utility
Un-check the box: Use Watermark (there are several options to place the watermark in a different location or to use your own watermark. Don't get bother with these, you don't want a watermark. If you want a logo on your plot template, use a custom plot template.)
Select the branch: Video Capture
Uncheck the box: Use Watermark (this will remove the watermark from any video screen capture you use. Do this now so you don't have to re-record your video later.)
Click 'OK'

The implementation and optional removal of the watermark is one glaring example of an option that never should have been programmed in Maptek Vulcan.

Preferences Panel - Remove Watermark from Video Capture
Preferences Panel - Remove Watermark from Video Capture


  1. Do you want "Microsoft Excel" on every page printed from Excel? No! Do photographers want "Photoshop" printed on all their prints? NO!! I can understand a copyright watermark on output from software where the output demonstrates IP belonging to the manufacturer.. however are owners of a Vulcan license not paying enough to print their data without Maptek advertising???

    1. An ordinary license of Vulcan now costs about $50,000. Isn't that enough for them? Do they really want credit for all my hard work too?

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