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MINExpo 2012

The Las Vegas Convention Center - Site of MINExpo 2012
The Las Vegas Convention Center - Site of MINExpo 2012
I'm so excited. This is the first time I've been able to attend the MINExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been involved with the mining industry for twelve years but have never had the opportunity to attend the conference. Every four years something would come up that prevented me from making it to that particular meeting. 

Being held every four years didn't help my problem either. What is this, the Olympics? Who only holds an event every fourth year? 

Little did I know that this really was a big deal. The Olympics might be bigger on a global scale but for the mining industry this is as big as it gets.

This angle of the convention center doesn't capture it's true size. I think you would need something taken from the air to even get the whole thing in frame. The convention center covers two Las Vegas size blocks. East Desert Inn Road goes under the building. I think I walked 100 miles just inside the building.

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