Caterpillar Steals Show - MINExpo 2012 | Mining University

Caterpillar Steals Show - MINExpo 2012

MINExpo 2012 - Caterpillar Steals Show
MINExpo 2012 - Caterpillar Steals Show
This year's MINExpo has a lot of lot of large and impressive displays, but the largest and most impressive is by Caterpillar.

Cat's display includes: trucks, dozers, hydraulic shovels, buckets, cabs and even a train.

The equipment was impressive but the best selling point was the location. Caterpillar set  up at the entrance to exhibit hall C and commanded the show from there. Everybody else (Komatsu, Liebherr, Sandvick, EVERYBODY) was in Cat's shadow.

Komatsu set up right behind Caterpillar and it was obvious they were trying to put on the same type of impressive display. Based solely on positioning it looked like Komatsu was Caterpillar's little brother. They had the second most pieces of equipment on display, they had the second biggest booth area and they were second in line for your attention. 

Congratulations to Caterpillar for winning the booth war in 2012.

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