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Why I love the iPhone

I love talking to people who hate the iPhone. Actually, this applies to anyone who hates Apple products in general, but the phone people are loudest. They are always so proud of their Samsung or Motorola or LG phone, you would have thought that they won the lottery. These people will tell anyone who will listen about the newest feature on their phone:

“The screen is slightly larger than the iPhone.”
“It has an old style, physical keyboard.”
“This one says ‘Droid’ when I get a text message.”

They don’t care if you like the iPhone or not as long as you are willing to listen to them brag about how much better their phone is than the iPhone.

When I ask these people what they love most about their phone they always say the same thing, “It’s not an iPhone” they say. This seems to be the defining characteristic to these people. The other features about their phone are all excuses they use to try to justify their love of their phone (really their hate of the iPhone).

I don't know why they hate the iPhone. I have had an iPhone for three years now and I love it. I love that it is user friendly, I love that it has a huge app store, I love that it fits in my pocket and plays music and video and games. Oh yeah, it also gets phone calls.

I love my iPhone for all these reasons and more, but last week my neighbor gave me a whole new reason to love the iPhone.

On the street between our two houses is a storm drain. The picture below is of the storm grate. You can see that the openings are just big enough for a phone to fit through. As she was walking around her car and talking on the phone she dropped the phone and it slid right down into the storm drain. 

Storm Grate

Below the grate there is a sump that is about five feet deep. Half way down this sump is a large drainage pipe and below the pipe is about two feet of the nastiest, dirtiest, smelliest water you could imagine. For the next twenty minutes we dredged the bottom of the storm drain with a garden hoe until my wife finally located the phone and pulled it out. It was so gross. We rinsed it off (more water couldn’t hurt now) and put it in a bag of rice to dry out.

Today my neighbor is still using her iPhone. She didn’t replace it or repair it, it just spent the night in a bag of rice. I LOVE that the iPhone is such a sturdy little machine. Beat that Samsung/Motorola/LG.


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    1. I talked to the neighbor again the other day (they moved away shortly after this incident) and she says that she is still using the iPhone and it doesn't have any problems.
      Now THAT is an impressive piece of hardware.

  2. Great perusing and bases. much obliged. I'm holder of iphone4 and I had an incredible 3 yrs resting with it. Regardless it going solid in spite of the back glass is currently broken because of numerous drops and batteries are not holding up any more. I need to energize it each 3 hrs now.
    I adore everything from the iphone4. Nonetheless, I am tired of the gradualness of 3G connection and can't hold up to move up to 4G network.