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Poeville, Nevada

I spent most of the last year living in the Stead neighborhood of Reno. For those of you who are not intimately familiar with Reno, Stead is in the extreme north end of Reno. Several times over the last year I have had to convince people that it is actually in Reno.

One day I was looking into the mining history of the north Reno area and found a report from the University of Reno: Earth Science Week 2001 Field Trip #1. This paper was intended as a kind of do-it-yourself field trip for Earth Science Week 2001 to see several geology and mining locations on Peavine Mountain. Last week I drug my family along with me as I took this trip up Peavine Mountain and past the location of the historic mining town: Poeville.

Poeville (Wikipedia entry: Poeville, Nevada) was founded by John Poe in 1864. John was allegedly related to poet Edgar Allen Poe. Poeville supported gold and silver mining in the area until about 1880. Today there are small mining operations at the old location.

Based on the instructions from the University of Reno, these pictures are of the area where Poeville used to be. This is to the right (south) of the road where Peavine Road has its first switchback. The Poeville post office was located a little farther up the mountain on Hopi Lane. As far as I can tell, there is nothing remaining of the town or post office today.

Poeville 01

Poeville 02


  1. I thought that was where it was. I was told by one of old miners it was there. And I've found a lot of old square nails along the dirt road about the switchback.
    FYI: there are people that live there and they have recently began to move earth, I'm assuming for gold, silver, and the like.

    1. Despite the large amounts of junk on the property it does appear that some earth moving activity is taking place.
      I was taking a ride with my wife and two small children when we took these pictures so we didn't get out to look around. Luckily, we didn't find any square nails with the car tires :)