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True Type Fonts and 3D Text

In Vulcan Land there are three types of text: Screen, 2D and 3D. The 3D text will display on any section at any angle and will always look like what is sent to the plotter. For these reasons, I think 3D text should be the only font offered with Maptek Vulcan.

There is a text related function called 'True Type Font.' This tool will apply any font on your computer to  Vulcan text. Instead of being stuck with a screen font (small, medium, large, etc...) or a Vulcan font (Times+, Futura Light+, etc...) you can use any real font from your computer (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc...). This is great! Now I can follow corporate standards and use Arial font on drawings like I am supposed to.

There's only one problem. 3D Text doesn't support 'True Type Fonts.' This means that if I want text in section view, my only option is to use the crappy Vulcan fonts. 'True Type Fonts' only work with 2D text which only works in the X-Y plane.

I can't believe that there is another tool that is ALMOST helpful in Maptek Vulcan which doesn't quite get around to being useful.

On a positive note, this has been logged in the Maptek upgrade system. The reference number is QAM-1070. Next time you are looking for a better font in section view, call up your local Maptek office and ask about this bug.

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