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Cross Section with Different Widths for Different Data - Block_Load Dynamic Model

It's important to take the time to find out what the client's pain points really are before giving a final answer to their support question. A co-worker recently had Maptek tell him 'No' in answer to his question about creating cross sections in Vulcan.

The original question was "Can Vulcan set different section widths for different objects." Based on just this statement, Maptek support gave the same stock answer that I would have given. They told him "No."

The 'Create Section View' tool in Vulcan works by displaying a 3 dimensional plane along with a certain width to either side of this plane. All CAD data displays this same way. Triangulations, points, lines, drillholes and composites are all cut to the same front and back distances. I can totally understand why support responded negatively to the inquiry, but there is more that could have been done.

A simple, follow up question allowed me to give a much more satisfactory answer.  "What do you want to display differently?" I asked.  It turns out that he wanted to display drillholes and triangulations on a wide section but display the block model only on the actual section plane specified by the 'Create Section View' tool.

The one exception to the Section View rule is the Block > Load Dynamic Model option.

When using the 'Display Slices' checkbox in the Block > Load Dynamic Model option the only thing that gets displayed is the actual block model plane in section view (nothing to either side of the plane). Be sure not to check the 'Display Individual Blocks' checkbox and remember that nothing will be displayed unless you are in section view.

By asking the right questions a Maptek Vulcan user was able to use the software exactly as he had intended. Hopefully this post can find other people who want to display a block model section along with a wider section of triangulations and CAD data even if they can't find someone to ask the right follow up question.


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