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Why is Kinross Tasiast Gold Mine back in Business?

Kinross Gold Corp announced today that its Tasiast Gold Mine has returned to normal after a strike that began June 5th.  The announcement said little else either when announcing its commencement or its conclusion.  I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that Kinross is doing an extremely lazy job of reporting the facts. Other people care that production was halted and want real answers about why it happened, don't they?

We all know that Kinross is going through some hard economic times and that most of its mines have been asked to cut back on expenses.  It is not unusual for a company in this position to impose austerity measures, but how much do you have to cut back for your African mine to go on strike?  I haven't ever been to Mauritania but if people are as poor there as they were in South Africa I hate to think how much you would have to cut back in order to prefer no income to what a gold mine could pay.

I'm also curious as to what was promised to get everyone back to work after only four days on strike? Did it really take such a little bit to make all the workers happy or did the mine realize that they had Kinross over a barrel and squeezed them for significant returns? Either way I'm disappointed that more outrage about the lack of transparency isn't being displayed.

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