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View > Windows > Fit Layer...

From time to time I run into the frustrating scenario where I import data into Maptek Vulcan and nothing appears on the screen. If you run into the scenario where what you imported doesn't appear in Vulcan you need to use the View > Windows > Fit Layer... menu option.  There is always the chance that the file, either dxf or arch_d, didn't have any data in it but I have never seen that instance. Another instance of the same problem is where your imported data appears as a straight line at the side of the screen.

View > Windows > Fit Layer... menu option

Maptek Vulcan uses a Start-up Parameters file to define the 3D extents of the data displayed in Envisage. When you use the Zoom Data Extents option Vulcan searches a certain percent outside these extents (I think it is 10%) and if it doesn't find any data in that volume, it doesn't display anything. I don't know why Maptek Vulcan isn't searching the design database for CAD data or extents settings. This simple change would seem to fix all the problems that we are talking about in this post.

When you open the View > Windows > Fit Layer... menu option it is clear that this little panel has several options. Let's go through the options one by one:

  • Select by picking - This radio button will let you re-size the window to fit specific data.  Not helpful in the present scenario. In fact, I have never even thought of a scenario where I would want to do this but it is there just in case you come up with a psychotic case where you want to use it.
  • Select by name - This is the default option for the simple reason that you always want to choose this method, don't change it.
  • Layer name - You need to select a layer to use for fitting the window. This is obnoxious because I usually want to fit more data and can't. What ends up happening is I fit one layer and then reload the others. I wish Maptek would update the user friendliness of this method.
  • Object name - You have the option of selecting specific objects for fitting the window. I never use this option. Leave the asterisk in the field and everything in your layer will be selected.
  • Coordinate details only - This check-box seems to be out of place in this panel. It reports the x, y, z coordinates of the object extents. It's neat but doesn't fit the window to your data so I don't know why it is included with this option.
  • Name of window to fit - Give this field a unique name. If you attempt to re-use a window name and have data loaded nothing will happen. Once you have used the 'temp' name once, I suggest using 'temp1' or 'temp2' for subsequent window names.
  • Edit window parameters - This option will open the Edit Window panel and give you the opportunity to edit the settings for your new window. You don't want to do this, leave the check-box alone.
  • Transfer layer to window - This is the whole point of the panel, I don't know why you are given the option to not do this.

When you click 'OK' your layer will be opened in a new window. Now that you can see your data, you can edit your data. You might have to translate to your usual coordinate area or increase the coordinate range in your dg1 file in order to avoid this exercise next time.


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