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Maptek Vulcan Chronos Crashes on Startup - Update 25 June 2012

Yesterday I posted about a method to get Chronos running on a new computer that had never run Chronos before. It appears that the process to make that happen is slightly more involved than I had previously thought and also more disturbing.

To run Chronos for the first time on a new machine you must:
  1. Turn User Account Control (UAC) Settings completely off. I explain the particulars of this in yesterday's post 'Maptek Vulcan Chronos Crashes on Startup'. This will require a restart of your machine.
  2. Now that the UAC Settings are completely inactive (not protecting your computer) you can start Chronos without crashing Maptek Vulcan.
  3. Once Chronos has been run once without the protection of UAC you can return your settings to the default level (this will require another restart).
This process worries me. I don't know what was changed on my machine (because UAC was turned off when Chronos was finally, successfully started) but I know that something was definitely changed (because Chronos runs fine with the default UAC Settings). This is a change in addition to granting Vulcan access through the firewall to communicate with Excel while running Chronos.

I asked the Maptek folks what they were changing while my UAC Settings were disabled so I can keep everyone posted when I hear back.

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Maptek Vulcan Chronos Crashes on Startup

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