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Teck Resources – Reducing Child Mortality in Senegal

In partnership with the Micronutrient Initiative and the Canadian Government, Teck Resources Limited announced today that they will be part of a project to save children’s lives in Senegal.  Annually, 6,000 children in Senegal die from complications associated with diarrhea.  Zinc supplements and oral rehydration salts can treat diarrhea.  Teck’s Senior Vice President, Doug Horswill said about the partnership, “As one of the world’s largest producers of zinc, we recognize the ability we have to make a difference. Through this partnership with the Micronutrient Initiative, the Government of Canada and the Ministry of Health in Senegal, we will improve local awareness about zinc deficiency, enhance distribution systems and ultimately save children’s lives.”

I realize that Teck wouldn’t have put money into this project or released this press release if they weren’t looking for the good publicity and tax breaks that come with it, but I still have to give kudos to a company that is using something it actually produces in order to help people who need it.

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