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Maptek Vulcan 64-bit Release Notes

According to their website, Maptek released the 64-bit version of Vulcan on 10 April 2012.  I don't know what they mean by 'released' but I have still not received my installation CD.  I did, however, get a chance to read the release notes for the 64-bit version.

The problem with release notes is that they've got too much information.  They are like the end user license agreement. It's important, but nobody has the time to read the whole thing.  What you really need is somebody to read the release notes and tell you about the important parts.  Don't worry, I'm here to help.

One of the most important things that the release notes tells you is items in Vulcan where the software crashes.  These fixes are hard to find because Maptek doesn't like to admit that their software crashes. They usually call their crashes 'closing unexpectedly' or 'unexpected termination.'  Whatever they want to call it, there were 22 fixes for issues that crashed Vulcan.  I wish they would share the other known, but unfixed, crashes with their users but at least we know about these and can update to the newer version and avoid these 'unexpected terminations.'

The following menu items include fixes for a Maptek Vulcan crash:

  1. Envisage > Colour Palette > Load Colour Palette
  2. File > Import > Micromine
  3. Design > Object Edit > Filter
  4. Design > Polygon Edit > Build
  5. Analyse > Label > Object Label to Text
  6. Analyse > Statistics > Advanced Statistics
  7. Model > Grid Mesh Surfaces > Invert Mask
  8. Model > Triangle Utility > Cut
  9. Model > Triangle Surface > Volume
  10. Model > Triangle Surface > Filter
  11. Block > Viewing > Load Dynamic Model
  12. Block > Manipulation > Index (crashes two different ways)
  13. Block > Grade Estimation > Estimation Editor
  14. Block > Grade Estimation > New Estimation File
  15. Block > Variorgaphy > Directional Variography
  16. Block > Sequence Accumulation Reporting
  17. Geology > Drilling Section > Apply Display Settings
  18. Geotech > Utilities > Edit Structures
  19. Underground > Development > Model Backs/Floors
  20. Chronos > Optimisation > Problem Setup
  21. Isis (copying data to clipboard)

In addition to the above 'crashes' that are fixed in Vulcan 8.1.4, there are also six instances where Maptek 'restored' functionality.  These are menu items that used to work, but stopped working in recent versions.  

'Restored' Maptek Vulcan functionality items include:
  1. File > Import > Datamine Block Models
  2. File > Layers > List
  3. Design > Polygon Edit > Impose
  4. Grid Calc > Integrated Stratigraphic Modelling > Interpolate Drillhole Date - FixDHD
  5. Block > Viewing > Slice
  6. Open Pit > Grade Control > Load Blast

There have also been some additions to the Maptek Vulcan functionality:
  • New external programs to filter large point clouds before importing to Vulcan: point_reduce_nn.exe, aag_reduce.exe and aag_decimate.exe
  • New external program to export dgd layers to dwg
  • Design > Polygon Edit > Boundaries - option to create a boundary around objects or triangulations (this might be the 'rubber band' tool that I have wanted for so long)
  • Analyse > Legend Edit > Legend Editor - more user friendly interface (FINALLY)
  • Block > Transfer > Model to CSV - increased the number of characters allowed in the block model path name (increased to what? they didn't say)
  • Geology > Drilling > Load Drillholes - faster loading of large isis files in edit mode
  • Geology > Sampling > Remove - improved response time
  • Isis - the 512 byte restriction on database record size has been removed, allowing for more fields
The bottom line?

On top of being available as a 64-bit version, Maptek Vulcan 8.1.4 includes some significant fixes and upgrades.  I plan to install it as soon as the disk comes in and would recommend that you do too.


  1. Where can i download vulcan for free? i have not found any server or page and i need that. tell me if you know something. thank you.

  2. Alejandro,
    The guys at Maptek don't have their Vulcan download anywhere readily accessible. To download the latest version you need to log in to their 'Users Area.' The website is:
    You will need to register and have a valid license of Vulcan in order to access the files. I don't know why this is the case, if you don't have a valid license the download is no good to you anyway but the Maptek guys like to feel like things are locked down tight. Good luck getting registered.

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