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Gemcom purchased by Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes announced on Thursday that it is purchasing Gemcom Software  for a total of about $360 million.  The transaction should be complete in July of 2012.  The inclusion of Dassault in the arena of mine modeling software is a huge upgrade for the mining industry.  Dassault is a major player in the 3D software modeling industry (providers of 'SolidWorks' software).  They represent a modern approach to software development.

Maptek users might recognize the name Dassault from recent graphics issues between Vulcan software and NVIDIA graphics cards.  The custom setting used to mitigate the graphics problems was the Dassault setting.  If Dassault can get special settings from a global hardware provider like NVIDIA what else might they bring to the mining community?

Dassault Systemes intends to keep the current Gemcom leadership in place, including CEO Rick Moignard.  Rick will lead the newly created GEOVIA brand with Gemcom at its heart.

Current providers of mine modeling software began production in the early 1980's with the FORTRAN programming language as the base code.  To a greater or lesser degree, all the major players in the mining software market struggle with this archaic background.  Recent upgrades have been added to the original FORTRAN background but a new base for code has never come to fruition.  The entire mine software industry should be pushed into modern programming techniques including managed software and unit tests.  Failure to upgrade to new methods will leave competitors in Dassault's dust.

In their press release announcing the purchase Dassault stated that the current management at Gemcom will stay in place.  This seems like a poor decision.  Current management has allowed development of the software to lag behind current standards.  It would be a much better idea to push the software into the 21st century.  New programming methods and managed software would force the entire mining software industry forward.    Please, lose the currentt management and replace it with Dassault type managers.  People who understand the software industry, not just the small time mining part of it.

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