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Cameco - Management Proxy Circular

Cameco, a Canadian uranium mining company, has several board members with mining experience.  This experience appears to be on the executive management side with little or no experience in mining activities.  With so much emphasis on executive leadership and accounting experience, is my dream of being a CEO of a mining company being helped or hurt by my time as an actual mine engineer?  Based on the biographical excerpts in the Management Proxy Circular the following board members have some experience with mining companies:

Mr. Donald Deranger once worked as a uranium miner but seems to have spent most of the many years since representing the aboriginal communities in Saskatchewan.

Mr. James Gowans brings considerable mining experience to the Cameco board of directors.  He has a bachelor of applied science in mineral engineering from the University of British Columbia.  Mr. Gowans also has experience as COO of DeBeers SA.

Mr. Oyvind Hushovd has experience as CEO of multiple mining and exploration companies.  His degrees in economics, business administration and law make him an ideal executive, but is there actual mining experience or just CEO experience?

Mr. John Clappison has experience in finance and executive compensation.  His mining experience seems to be derived from his seat on the Inmet Mining Corporation.

Mr. Tim Gitzel (Cameco's president and CEO) has a law degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  All of his mining experience listed is as senior executive level.  Mr. Getzel has served as the president of the Saskatchewan Mining Association.

Also included in the circular are the compensation totals for the named executive officers and board members.

Tim Gitzel - President and CEO: $6,651,250
Grant Isaac - Senior Vice President and CFO: $1,622,773
Robert Steane - Senior Vice President and COO: $3,091,550
Ken Seitz - Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development: $2,098,440
Gary Chad - Senior Vice President, Governance, Law and Corporate Secretary: $1,536,038
Gerald Grandey - Former CEO: $3,348,190
Kim Goheen - Former Senior Vice President and CFO: $3,451,392

Daniel Camus: $138,487
John Clappison: $211,800
Joe Colvin: $199,158
James Curtiss: $212,603
Donald Deranger: $186,200
James Gowans: $201,659
Nancy Hopkins: $196,200
Oyvind Hushovd: $216,111
George Ivany: $84,364
Anne McLellan: $201,700
Neil McMillan: $202,318
Victor Zaleschuk: $341,700

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