March 2012 | Mining University

Barrick Gold Corp - Technical Reports

Barrick Gold Corporation has recently released Technical Reports for their mineral properties.  Below are links to the official documents filed with the SEC.

Porgera Joint Venture
Cortez Joint Venture
Lagunas Norte
Pueblo Viejo


Barrick Annual Shareholder Meeting

Barrick Gold Corporation will hold its annual shareholder meeting on 2 May 2012.  In anticipation of this meeting Barrick released a 'Management Proxy Circular' to let everybody know what to expect at the meeting. Part of this circular is the executive and director compensation information for 2011.  I always find it interesting to know what people in other jobs are making.  It would be even more interesting if I was in the same ballpark as some of these top earners.

Total Compensation: Named Executive Officers

Aaron W. Regent - President and CEO: $9,304,109
Peter J. Kniver - Executive VP and COO: $5,328,708
Jamie C. Sokalsky - Executive VP and CFO: $5,106,343
Kelvin P.M. Dushnisky - Executive VP Corporate and Legal Affairs: $4,796,763
Richard G. McCreary - Senior VP Corporate Development: $4,473,226

Total Compensation: Board of Directors

Howard L. Beck: $191,250
William Birchall: $510,822
Donald J. Carty: $230,500
Gustavo Cisneros: $191,250
Marshall A. Cohen: $58,036
Peter A. Crossgrove: $208,000
Robert M. Franklin: $213,000
J. Brett Harvey: $191,250
Dambisa Moyo: $135,714
Brian Mulroney: $714,922
Anthony Munk: $191,250
Peter Munk: $3,670,719
Nathaniel P. Rothschild: $191,250
Steven J. Shapiro: $215,001
John L. Thornton: $0

Barrick Annual Shareholder Meeting
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Vulcan vs Modern Miner - rotating triangulations

The difference between running graphical data through the central processing unit (cpu) and graphical processing unit (gpu) is truly amazing.  This video shows Vulcan on the left rotating a large triangulation using the cpu.  On the right, Modern Miner rotates the same triangulation using the gpu.  There are a lot of things that you can cheat at in processing video but if you saw these two side by side you would be shocked at how much better the gpu is at processing the data.