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Gemcom Wins Award for Best Mine Planning Software?

Mining Magazine recently announced the winner of their award for best 'Mine Planning and Resource Modelling software.'
I found this very interesting.  Have you ever looked through a copy of Mining Magazine?  There is one mining software company who advertises heavily in the magazine.  There are no other advertisements for mining software.
Guess who is the sole software advertiser for Mining Magazine? You guessed it, Gemcom.
I'm not saying that they don't deserve it.  I have never used their mine planning software.  I just think it is interesting that they would receive an award from a magazine that receives so much of their advertising money.
I suppose that if we were looking for truly unbiased results we shouldn't be reading magazines or newspapers anyway.
Oh well.


  1. This sounds like sour grapes from a former Maptek Vulcan employee whose blog reads like he is still on their payroll? I think he meant to say that Maptek advertises a lot in this magazine, I think he should look at all the past issues?

  2. Thanks for the comment 'Anonymous.' Way to stand behind your remarks and let us know who you are.
    I am unaware of any ads that Maptek has ever run in Mining Magazine. For a long time it was corporate policy that Maptek didn't do any print advertising.
    Either way, this isn't the first time that Gemcom has been given an award by the magazine where their ads appear on almost every other page.