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Energy Consumption
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As we experience the shortest day of the year I want to give a big shout out to the natural resources miners and drillers who work hard to keep the lights on.  These industries are indespensible to our current way of life on this dark day (electric lights), our work schedule (power for computers and other technology) and even our social life (facebook, twitter and social dating sites, none of which would exist if we were dependent on solar/wind power).  Traditional power suppliers are the only source with the supply to meet the demand of society.  Global consumption totals: Natural Gas (23%), Coal (25%) and Oil (37%).  The fossil fuels industry provides us with clean, reliable power at a competitive price.

I would also like to ask 'why the low production?' to the so called 'renewable resources.'  These energy production methods are still struggling to provide useful amounts of electricity: natural energy (solar, wind, wave, and tidal power and geothermal energy account for a total of 1% of global consumption), hydroelectricity (3%), biomass (4%).  I think that these struggling power producers should stop asking for government handouts and focus on being competitive in the marketplace.  I would love to power everything by solar or wind power but they are clearly not prepared for the demand.