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Dear Vulcan,

I am doing a life of mine schedule with your Chronos scheduler (which I love), but I have become very frustrated by the ‘Unschedule Blocks’ option.  Basically, this option will let me unschedule by reserve sheet or by destination/period/block but does not allow me to unschedule multiple periods at the same time.  The flexibility to unschedule a specific block in a specific period for a specific destination is great.  In my current situation, however, I am trying to unschedule multiple periods at once and am frustrated by the need to specify one period, wait for it to unschedule and then specify the next period.

To see what I mean try the following steps using any Chronos Workbook:

1)      Chronos > Reserve Sheet > Unschedule Blocks
2)      Click the ‘Unschedule by Destination/Period/Block’ radio button
3)      Select any destination sheet from the dropdown list and click ‘Next’
4)      Select a period from the drop down list

At this point you can either choose to ‘Unschedule whole period’ or click ‘Next’ and select specific blocks to unschedule.  

If the period drop down list allowed for the selection of multiple periods this option would be 1000 times better. 

Is this something that you can fix for the 8.1.3 release?



I heard back from Maptek about this issue.  It has been logged as VUL-8133.  They have promised that it "will either be provided in Vulcan 8.1.3 or 8.2.0"

New status update 11 June 2012:

I talked to Maptek this morning and they mentioned that this bug/upgrade (VUL-8133) is currently being worked on and may still make the 8.2.0 release.  I recently went through a large scheduling exercise and have to say that I am really excited about the possibility of un-scheduling more than one period but less than everything in the workbook.

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